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The actress, according to sources, has said that she has had past relationships that had turned bad.Now, she just wants a relationship that will last and is putting herself back in the dating market. Sources say the actress, though only in her early twenties, wants to get married while still in her twenties.Daughter of a director and actor, Jan Steen and actress Joanna Noyes, Jessica Steen has made her parents proud with the success and popularity that she has achieved.

Believe or not this stunning Belgian blonde was not attractive as a child and she was even mistaken for a boy!Sources also add that she has been hanging out with a lot of guys. She reportedly wants to start a family while still young.She has said that she has had bad relationships in past while dating.All these qualities in one guy would definitely make him a husband material. But she doesn’t want someone who changes himself to be with her.According to sources, she just wants a guy who can be himself with her.

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